Coldfusion Myths and Realities

When a progamming language or platform becomes popular and used by scores of developers, myths start to appear. ColdFusion is in the spotlight and many myths have circulated, maybe you have been exposed to some of them. Here’s the reality:

ColdFusion is expensive

ColdFusion is free for developers. Even non-developers need to take into consideration that ColdFusion comes iwth many other free platforms, that ColdFusion hosting is cheap and that with ColdFusion less time and moeny are spent on creating websites.

ColdFusion is Dying

People are saying this for  while now, but sales have improved and new versions are being launched and created. Moreover, multiple vendors now sell it.

ColdFusion isn’t secure

ColdFusion does not stop you from writing secure code. The platform offers fine-grained access levels for the ColdFusion ADmin, it ships with an API to the Server Monitor and multiple features exist to help developers create secure code. Other features are role-based-security, CFLOGIN, Script Protect. Moreover, ColdFusion’s biggest client is the US Government. Convinced now?

ColdFusion is slow

Numerous high-traffic sites use ColdFusion and each new version is improved. When people refer to ColdFusion as slow, they actually refer to slow, badly-written code, which can happen on any platform.

No open-source applications

This is an old argument that lingered a bit. Nowadays, you can easily find blogs, wikis, forums, frameworks, content management systems and entire sites dedicated to ColdFusion.

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