Snapchat Now Stores All Your Photos

Snapchat Now Stores All Your Photos

There was an article I read today about Snapchat. Snapchat is an app available for Android / Apple devices. The main premise behind this app is to quickly snap a photo of you, send it off to your friends, and after a certain amount of time, the photo is no longer available. It’s now “destroyed”, as no one can no longer view the photo or video you just sent.

One problem – even though you thought that embarrassing photo or video is gone for good, think again. Snapchat still has it.

The worst part of it is that now that Snapchat has the right to use your photos and videos, for things like advertisements. How weird would it be if Snapchat sent out a mass-snap to the entire planet, and you’re in the video without your consent? Too bad. It has happened to people, and will continue to happen to people.

Your options? Well, if you value your privacy, uninstall the app and never use it again. If you don’t really care, then continue using it.

I don’t use it really at all, and I don’t send any embarrassing photos or videos to people, so I’m not really worried. But, if you do, you should probably stop!

My 2 cents.

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